The Timer runs out and there are still some numbers left. What happens?

We will add one more week, for a maximum of 4 times. If the tickets are still not sold after that, we will do the live draw with all the participants of that competition with a 70% cash prize from all the entries. Every competition will have a winner, no matter what.

Is the number generator totally random ?

Yes, Lucky Competitions guarantee that the number generator is 100% random. We will show you how it works before choosing the winner on every competition.

I am the winner. When will I get my prize?

We will deliver the prize within 5 days in the UK and 8 days in the EU. Where it is possible, it will be our pleasure to hand deliver the prize to the winner.

How many entrants can I have for one competition?

Each competition is limited to 10 entries per player. There are restrictions that will not let you enter more than 10 times on any competition.

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