Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions – UKRO Solutions LTD t/a Lucky Competitions

Before using this website you must agree our terms and conditions. Please read these carefully before using this site. They tell you how to play, how to collect and how winners are announced.


1.1 Our website can run multiple competitions at the same time and each competition will have a specific prize. Check the website (www.lucky-competitions.com) to see.

1.2 The price of each competition is at the sole discretion and the promoter will be specified at the point of sale on our website. The promoter reserves the right to choose the pricing of each competition which can be checked on the website (www.lucky-competitions.com).

1.3 If the timer runs out, The Promoter will add one more week, for a maximum of four weeks to fill all the entries.

1.4 If the tickets are not sold within four weeks, The Promoter will choose either to do the live draw with all the participants at that time, with the winner getting 70% of all the paid entries for that competition or extend, at our discretion, the end date for up to six months.

1.5 A competition will end when all the tickets have been purchased or the end date stated on the website is reached.


2.1 All competitions entries must be received by the promoter via the website or post.

2.2 To enter our competitions you will need to create an account, which is free of charge. The promoter will set a charge for each competition that you wish to enter.

2.3 After selecting your lucky number(s), you will be asked to answer a question of skill, judgement or knowledge. If your answer is wrong, you will not be able to enter in that competition.

2.4 You will receive a confirmation on your email. There you will see your chosen number(s) as well.

2.5 We will not accept the responsability for any game losses or delayed where causes are equipment failure, network or anything like this.

2.6 By entering our competitions you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

2.7 For free postal entries, see row 10 (“Free Entries by post”).

2.8 The winner will be picked using a totally random number generator.


3.1 A competition is only open to all aged 18 years over excepting employees of the promoter / agents / family members of promoter.

3.2 Before entering be sute that you are in an eligible country and you can claim your prize.

3.3 The Promoter will not accept competition entries that are automatically generated by a computer, incomplete or completed by third parties or in bulk.

3.4 Entries on behalf of another person will not be accepted and joint submissions are not allowed.

3.5 In the event of a dispute regarding the identity the account will be in held.

3.6 The Promoter reserves all rights to disqualify you if you break the rules.

3.7 The Promoter may require you to provide proof that you are eligible to enter our competitions.


4.1 A competition can have one or three prizes.

4.2 The Promoter (“Lucky Competitions”) and its directors will always choose the prizes.

4.3 Prizes cannot be delivered to another address, other than your specified account address.

4.4 The promoter does not take any responsibility to insure the prize, after delivery.

4.5 Prizes are set by directors on the website and are not negociable in any way.

4.6 If a competition has insufficient entries, The Promoter will substitute the prize with a cash alternative of 70% from the paid entries of that competition.


5.1 The Promoter will draw the winner within four days of the competition’s closing date using a random generator number.

5.2 The decision is final, nobody and nothing can change the winner.

5.3 The winners will be announced on our website (www.lucky-competitions.com), Winners Timeline section, immediately after the live draw.

5.4 The Promoter will contact the winner by email or SMS text using the telephone number and/or details provided when registering on our website.


6.1 You have 21 days from the announcement date to claim your prize or it will become invalid.

6.2 The Promoter does not take any responsibility if the winner is not able to receive the prize.

6.3 The prize cannot be claimed by a third party on your behalf.


The Promoter is UKRO Solutions LTD trading as Lucky Competitions, registered in England and Wales. Our registration number is 11745380 and you can find our office at 59 Pembroke Street, Leicester, LE5 0FA, United Kingdom.


The promoter is not responsible in any case if the prize will suffer damages or losses from the negligence of the winner, but assumes responsibility for its own negligence.


9.1 All entrances will become the property of the owner and are non-refundable.

9.2. We also recommend reading the privacy policy with these terms. If you are the winner of a prize, you will agree that your personal data provided to us will be used.

9.3. After entering a competition, you will agree that your data will be used for marketing purposes.

  1. Free Entries by post

To enter a competition for free, post to: Lucky Competitions, 59 Pembroke Street, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE5 0FA. You must include your Name, Full Address, Contact number, Date of Birth, your preffered number(s) in that competition and the correct answer of the qualifying question. Postal entries are limited to one competition entrant per postcard. If the number(s) are not available by the time we receive the postcard, The Promoter will allocate replacement random number(s). The free entries will be treated in the same manner as the paid entries.

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